JetBlue has now started charging for checked bags on flights, making Southwest Airlines the only major airline not charging for checked bags and the cheaper option for some travelers.

As of today, travelers who book the lowest “Blue” fare can check a bag on a one-way trip for $20 using online check-in or $25 at an airport ticket counter.

To avoid the fee, travelers can pay for a “Blue Plus” ticket, which costs about $15 more than the base ticket.

That is hardly a help considering the difference between the two is only $5- either way consumers will still pay more out of their own pockets.

JetBlue had long resisted the idea of charging a fee for travel benefits and many consumers are upset over their decision to cave; other airlines are thrilled though, to have them on board.

This move could end up costing Jet Blue and helping Southwest, whose sales are quite small compared to the other airlines.

On social media many are now singing Southwest’s praises in light of this new development, which may boost their sales- at least temporarily.

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