In 1992, the USDA introduced America to the Food Pyramid, a guide that was supposed to help establish good eating habits. In 2005, the design was changed again, but it remained a food pyramid, though some thought the new design was more confusing than the old one. Now, with the help of First Lady Michelle Obama, the USDA has issued a new guide – the nutrition plate. Take a look at this promotional video by the USDA:

The nutrition plate, dubbed “My Plate” by the USDA, is designed to give people an idea of what a plate of food should look like, though it doesn’t show pictures in proportion to sizes. Nutrition experts hail the “My Plate” concept as a big step in the right direction because of its emphasis on fruits and vegetables, which, according to the nutrition plate, should be half the food on the plate.

The nutrition plate is being promoted by the first lady as part of her Let’s Move campaign, a campaign aimed at getting Americans, especially kids, moving to lose weight. Along with the new design, a website,, has been designed by the USDA and gives facts, tips, and guidelines for healthy eating habits. Rather than using the term “serving size” the nutrition plate outlines portions by ounces to help raise awareness of true portion sizes.