impact sensing skullcapLast week Reebok-CCM and MC-10 jointly announced that an impact sensing skullcap that fits under a football helmet will be made commercially available in early 2013.

Aimed at all age groups and sports, the skullcap is a breathable mesh loaded with sensors that record the severity of head impact during games.

The thin and flexible array of sensors is embedded in a mesh designed to fit under any helmet, bending as the body moves. The cap provides immediate visual feedback to the wearer indicating whether further rest or medical treatment is required before returning to play.

According to Philippe Dubé, General Manager of Reebok-CCM Hockey, “head injuries are of the greatest concern today” and the impact sensing skullcap “is a significant step forward” in addressing the issue. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also confirms that traumatic brain injury is “a serious public health problem in the United States”. Their statistics show that “1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury annually”.

With government agencies such as the CDC increasing consumer awareness of the issue, it’s perfect timing for Reebok-CCM and MC-10 to release their product. The skullcap will be the first commercial product to incorporate this new technology from MC-10.

Pricing information for the impact sensing skullcap is presently unavailable; however given that it’s targeted at consumers of all age levels, shoppers can expect it to be priced appropriately.

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