Ford Motor Co. has been under serious pressure from consumers recently for the failed redesign of the Ford Focus transmission, even going so far as trying to enact a class action lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer.

Consumers are reporting shuddering and loss of power to the wheels when the gas pedal is pressed, resulting in potential lives lost and damage to property and person.

Focus owners have rated the Ford Focus 1.1 stars at, with 1,128 complaints about various experiences with customer service and resale value.

The company has extended the manufacturers warranty to 100,000 miles or 10 years, however this hasn’t resolved any of the problems that Focus owners are facing.

The TCM (Transmission Control Module) is the first component needing a recall, and with dealerships all booked up with these issues, it is likely going to be several weeks or even months before your ride can get checked on. Ford customer service is only mildly helpful to find a certified service technician in your area, but they do nothing to console owners for their inconveniences.

The clutch cover assembly also seems to be a huge issue with 2012-2015 model year Focus’. This could become a huge problem for Ford if it continues to escalate, and even more so if more people end up getting hurt or killed due to the nature of the malfunction.

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