If you own or lease a Ford, you may be getting a nice check in the mail soon.

Ford discovered errors in their gas mileage ratings in some models. In response to that, they are sending out checks ranging from $125, to $1,050, depending on the model you own. Ford estimates over 200,000 vehicles will be getting rebates. The models affected include the 2014 Fiesta, as well as 2013-2014 hybrid versions of the C-MAX, Fusion, and MKZ.

The errors in the reported mileage were quite significant. For example, the Fusion hybrid was originally rated to get 47 mpg highway, but with the revision, it is now rated at only 42. The Lincoln MKZ hybrid is going from 45 mpg highway down to 38 mpg.

With the ratings on hybrids coming down so much, their future sales may decline. There are many gasoline models, like the Focus, which get 40 mpg highway, and cost significantly less.

If you own any of the models affected, you can find out exactly how much Ford owes by going to the Ford Goodwill Payment page here.

Do you think this will harm Ford’s future sells? Or will their willingness to correct the issue help them? Comment below.