Former President Jimmy Carter

President Carter left Atlanta on a flight to Cleveland Tuesday morning, and became ill enroute. Secret service met the plane on its arrival in Cleveland and took the former president directly to MetroHealth Hospital.

Reports indicate that President Carter suffered from air sickness and cramps during the flight. By the middle of Tuesday afternoon he was listed as being in good condition, but would stay in the hospital overnight for observation.

President Carter has been on a tour across the U.S. promoting his new book, “White House Diary”, which is about his time in office. He was scheduled for a book signing at 1 p.m. at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Legacy Village, Cleveland.

President Carter turns 86 years old on Friday. A former peanut farmer, he served as the 39th president of the United States from 1977 to 1981, during a time in which the country experienced high inflation, gas shortages, and the Iranian hostage crises. He lost the run for his second term to Ronald Reagon.

The Carter Center said in a statement that the President is resting comfortably and they expect him to return to his book tour later this week.