The final regeneration of The Doctor in Tiny Rebel’s game “Doctor Who Legacy”, is finally available. Fans of the quasi-roleplaying puzzle game can now access the code to unlock the fourth and accessibly final regeneration of The Doctor. Earlier today, the code was published on Kotaku’s website, nestled within the article.

The code, for the record, is 2476-5993-9566-8387. When entered into the promo section of the game, it unlocks the Fourth Doctor,  allowing him to be used immediately.

Tom Baker portrayed the Fourth Doctor; his tenure with the show being the longest of all the incarnations from 1974, to 1981.

“Doctor Who Legacy,” also by Seed Studio, is licensed from BBC Worldwide, and now features all of the Doctor’s incarnations, as well as over 100 companions and acquaintances throughout the 50 years of the show’s history. The story within the game has the Doctor traveling through time, collecting all of his incarnations and past companions to battle those who would destroy the universe.

The game is available on Facebook, as well as Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

Who’s playing this game? Anyone excited about Tom Baker’s likeness finally appearing? As always, let us know in the comments below.