After 4 long years Jack Bauer and the rest of the ’24’ crew are back for a 12 episode television event called ’24: Live Another Day’, starting tonight at 8 P.M. (EST) on Fox

’24’ was an Emmy-winning smash hit for Fox that ran for 8-years, from 2001-2010 and starred Kiefer Sutherland as agent Jack Bauer.

Part of the shows huge success was attributed to it’s unique premises to have each episode represent 1 hour in a day, hence the name ’24’.

This new special is breaking from that and having each episode represent 12 hours instead.

’24: Live Another Day’ picks up with Jack re-surfacing in London a couple of years after being forced underground when the original series ended.

Jack had been betrayed by his government, and Russia’s, and has been living off the grid- until now.

He’s come out to help the President, old friend James Heller (William DeVane) who is in serious danger and embroiled in a drone controversy.

Jack’s former side-kick Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who also was forced to go into hiding after helping Jack escape is also in trouble.

Unlike Jack, Chloe as changed a lot from the events 4 years earlier: from her appearance to her attitude this is a new, kick-ass Chloe, but she’s going to need Jack’s help.

Jack is still Jack, which means he has to help, even if it could hurt him or those around him.

It promises to be an exciting 12 episode series, that may or may not lead to more episodes in the future.

Are you a ’24’ fan? Will you be watching tonight?  Share your thoughts below,