Do you want a way for your kids to track Santa and count down the hours and minutes until he arrives or play some fun games with the good ol’ St. Nick?

Then check out these 2 great apps and websites, courtesy of Norad and Google:

The Official NORAD Santa Tracker app is available online and can also be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store for Android devices and iTunes for iPhone/iPad users.

NORAD ( North American Aerospace Defense Command) is an American/Canadian organization dedicated to keeping our skies safe year round using state-of-the-art radar technology; that technology is what allows them to track Santa’s every movement and share it with kids everywhere.

The app counts down the hours until Santa takes off on his journey to deliver presents, then tracks his progress as he makes his way around the world.

There is a clock counting down the time until he takes off in his sleigh and ids can click on different areas of the map to see where he is, in addition to some other really cool features.

There is a music library with classic Christmas songs they can listen to and games they can play, like “Thin Ice”, where they help Santa deliver gifts.

There is also a library to teach them about Santa and NORAD’s mission, as well as short movies they can watch elves, Old St. Nick and more.

Plus, you can buy your kids an Official NORAD Santa Tracker Certificate with their name on it and Santa’s signature in the gift shop.

The Google Santa Tracker is another good option. The page is set up like a huge Advent calendar of Santa’s village, with tabs numbered 1-24 to represent the 24 days of Christmas.

Each day a new tab opens, giving kids something new to watch, play or learn.

And there are no tempting Santa shirts to buy, which puts this site on the top of my nice list!

They also have an app for Android.

How will your kids track Santa?

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