Turns out there really is an app for everything, including fighting and beating those pesky parking tickets.

ABC News announced tonight that there is a free app called WinIt, and as the name implies, it is designed to fight your parking tickets and try to “win” a dismissal for you.

The app is the brainchild of Ariel Lemmel, who was constantly getting tickets and couldn’t be bothered going to fight them, even when he was right.

His friend Dan Azeroual suggested they do an app and connected Ariel with Christian Fama, whose family has a long and successful career fighting and beating tickets.

However, calling it free is a little misleading because in reality it is not completely free.

Here’s how it works:

To use the app simply take a picture of your ticket and send it to them, then answer a few questions and let the WinIt team go to work for you.

There is no charge at this point and no credit card information is required to upload the ticket and have them take your case.

If they lose, you pay your ticket, but if they win you pay half the amount of your ticket to them (it’s how they keep the app running).

So while you’re not paying to use the app- you do end up paying, so “free” might not be the right way to describe the app.

Still, paying half isn’t so bad considering that without the app you would probably just pay the full ticket.

Plus, going down to fight a ticket means losing a day’s pay for many, so paying half might actually save you money.

What do you think of this app?  Do you think it’s worth it?  Share your opinion with us below.