PlayStation Plus logoAccording to a press release from Sony. (via IGN) the UK  will be receiving Housemaque’s Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition as its free PS4 game for the month of March.

In addition, Square Enix’s critically acclaimed Tomb Raider and indie puzzler Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons will be complimentary through PlayStation Plus as well.

For Vita owners, Smart As… will be gracing your portable screens at no cost to you.

Even for gamers that don’t happen to live in the UK, it’s important to note that PS4 titles for PlayStation Plus have been the same across the globe since the console launched in November of 2013.

Both Brothers and Smart As… were published for the US in February, so subscribers in that region should already be able to download them.

Of particular interest, Dead Nation for PS4 hadn’t been formally announced by its development team. However in a surprise leak from PlayStation Blog Asia, the title was announced earlier than its creators expected.

Just like the original game from 2010, the redesigned Dead Nation is a top down shooter which pits players in the heat of the zombie apocalypse.  The next-gen version includes the “Road To Devastation” expansion which sports a new Arcade and Endless battle mode.

No official word on March’s PlayStation Plus games for the US has been formally released, but we will do our best to post it when it’s here.

Is this news enough to make you use your PS4, or were you hoping for something better?