Free iPads? Scammers & Spammers & Phishers – Oh My!

Always on the look out for a good con opportunity – con artists were quick to take advantage of the death of Steve Jobs.

“Free Ipads in Memory of Steve Jobs.” says one Facebook page.

“FREE iPADS FOR EVERYBODY” shouts a tweet on Twitter. “This is so cool! This site is handing out free iPads! Hurry before it’s over!” states another. Both provide links to ‘survey sites’, which ask for personal information with the promise of prizes if you disclose your personal information and jump through certain hoops.

“These free offers are being used as bait, and the scammers are ‘phishing’ in the world’s largest online pond, Facebook,” said Tom Bartholomy, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont.

“A free iPad is a very tempting offer that could lure hundreds of thousands, if not millions of victims” he said. “Many Facebook users are young people who may be internet savvy, but they are not usually scam savvy.”

According to the BBB, the scammers “phish” for personal information, which they can use for identity theft. The also bait participants into clicking on links that may download malware of viruses. They may even work on a commission basis, earning a fee for every account compromised.

Other Apple bait is beginning to hit the social networks as well, tweets using MacBooks and iPhones were also found by CP.

Consumer Expert Andria Rib

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