Amazon Cloud Drive Available In Canada - Paid Plans also availableAmazon Cloud Drive is now available in Canada.

This will allow web users in Canada to upload and store their files to Amazon’s cloud service.

The stored files can be accessed on Mac or Windows through the Cloud Drive app.

Other apps designed for smartphones and web browsers would also allow users to access the files from the cloud.

Amazon Cloud Drive will compete with the likes of Google Drive and Dropbox, which are already available in the country.

Initially, users will receive 5 GB storage completely free of cost. There are paid plans available as well.

For example, for 10 GB storage space, users have to pay an annual sum of $10. That price is comparable to what Amazon charges customers in other countries.

Amazon Cloud Drive’s director, Russell Dicker, stated ‘Millions of customers around the globe have already discovered the benefits of Amazon Cloud Drive to safely store and manage precious files like photos, videos and documents’.  He said Amazon was proud to bring the service to Canada.