Free Portable WiFi Hotspot Available From

FreedomPop is offering a free portable WiFi Hotspot device and free WiFi Hotspot service in a deal that’s online right now.

The free WiFi Hotspot service is good for about six months. The free plan is limited to 500mb of data per month.

That’s plenty enough data for checking email and light surfing. It’s not anywhere near enough for downloading videos and such. Plans with higher data limits are available for a fairly low price.

FreedomPop does have a $9.99 shipping fee for the Hotspot device.

The important thing about this deal is that the free WiFi Hotspot service uses Sprint’s 4G WiMax network. That network is scheduled to be discontinued in November of this year. After that point, the device becomes a paperweight. The service will no longer work.

The other caveat is that Sprint’s 4G WiMax network is somewhat limited. You can check coverage in your area on Sprint’s map here. You can zoom in on your area by selecting ‘data’ from the dropdown menu, then entering your zip code into the location box. The yellow areas are the ones in which WiMax service should be available.

Keeping those two things in mind, we’re still talking about 6 months of free WiFi data on a free portable Hotspot device for a $9.99 shipping fee. Not a bad deal at all. And it will give you an introduction to FreedomPop, which offers a number of free and low cost talk, text, and data plans using Sprint’s LTE data network. Their LTE network won’t be discontinued any time soon.

This deal is advertised as being today only.

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