Walking Dead GameDie hard fans of The Walking Dead can now gauge their show savvy with free AMC games.

Viewers can play the AMC: Ultimate Fan Game to test their episode trivia. This week’s quiz features 11 questions on episode 12, “Still.” Before game play, contestants must log-in with their Facebook passwords.

Once players log-in, they compete against seven other people. Each question appears just a few seconds before the answer options.

Players must click on the correct response before time runs out. Earn points by guessing more quickly and accurately than competitors.

Scores appear at the end of each round and players can post their final results on Facebook. Players can continue with similar trivia games, or move on to something different.

8 months Most fans of the series wonder how long it would take for a walker to make a meal out of them. “How Long Would You Survive a Zombie Attack,” ends curious viewers’suspense. Fans respond to worst case scenario questions to find their expiration dates.

Survival creates questions about personal character.  “What Kind of Survivor Are You?” confronts viewers’ morals fiber in a series of seven questions.

Each question is timed and gives players little time to rationalize or process the situation. Eerie music, shot gun sound effects, and creepy still photographs are part of the game experience.

At the end of the game, the player’s survivor profile appears along with a picture of its corresponding character. Players will soon know if they have what it takes to make it in the new world order.

AMC helps keep TWD fans between new episodes.