FreedomPop’s Free Cell Phone Service Just Weeks Away

FreedomPop’s Free Cell Phone Service Just Weeks Away

FreedomPop’s free cell phone service is edging ever closer to launch.

We still don’t have a firm date, but Tony Miller, Head of Marketing and Communications for FreedomPop, told Consumer Press the device will be available as a public beta within “the next 3-4 weeks.”

Miller said the service will be available nationwide. It will utilize Sprint’s 3G and 4G data networks to carry calls.

The free cell service will include 200 minutes free talk time per month, 500MBs of free 3G/4G data, unlimited text messaging, and unlimited talk time between FreedomPop subscribers.

A paid plan will also be available. “Unlimited talk and text [will be] 90% lower than AT&T’s comparable plan and with no contract,” said Miller.

There will be no activation fees or additional costs.

Miller told us that the service is being tested extensively and that “testers seem to love it, [we are] getting great feedback so far and have been able to address 99% of the negative issues identified.”

Upon it’s launch, the service will only work with an HTC Evo smartphone. FreedomPop will be selling refurbished models for $99.

Additional smartphones will be added after launch. Eventually FreedomPop plans to have the service compatible with any Sprint phone.

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