Frontier Airlines $15 flash sale came and went yesterday.

The 12 hour sale on Tuesday included flights between Washington Dulles International Airport and Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago-O’Hare, Cincinnati; Detroit; Fort Lauderdale; Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Memphis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Orlando; St. Augustine, St. Louis and Tampa for just $15.

According to reports, Frontier Airlines’ website struggled to keep up with demand.

But while the $15 ticket sale is over, Frontier Airlines continues to offer some pretty impressive deals.

The airline has announced that it will continue to run special fares for as low as $39 each way to various locations through May 17.

According to their site, they currently have a sale that includes one-way flights between Dulles and Charlotte, Cincinnati, or Detroit for $39. That includes fees and taxes.

For $49 one-way, flyers can travel from Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Great Falls, Omaha, Raleigh-Durham, Trenton and the Wilmington/Philadelphia area to a number of select locations.

Frontier also has a sale on flights from Denver to San Jose Costa Rica for $209 one-way ($220 for the return trip).

Have you flown Frontier Airlines? What do you think of their deals?

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