A follow up to Disney’s hit movie Frozen is on its way, but you won’t find it in theaters; instead, you’ll be able to find it on book shelves.

Random House has announced that it is creating a series of chapter books that will “continue the story from the 2013 hit Disney movie.”  The books will be geared toward young readers, which will target the heart of the Frozen fan base.

The first two books in the series will go on sale January 6, 2015.  The title of the two books will be Anna & Elsa #1: All Hail the Queen and Anna & Elsa #2: Memory and Magic.

Those two stories “will add more detail to the Frozen world and follow Anna and Elsa as they get to know each other as sisters.”  Random House says that those two books will be followed by two more Frozen books later in the year, adding that three or four books will be published per year going forward.

Of course, Disney has even more plans in store for Frozen in the coming years, including sing-along screenings, Broadway-style stage shows, and most likely a second movie at some point.  Of course, there’s nothing to indicate another Frozen movie will hit theaters anytime soon, but there should be plenty to keep us satisfied until then.

Are you excited for the Frozen books, or are you holding out for the next movie?  Let us know below.