Mario Kart 8 MarioFollowing a round table discussion at GDC, Nintendo has revealed lots of exciting information about the upcoming release of Mario Kart 8 for Wii U.

In case you missed it, Mario Kart 8 will release on May 30th in North America. Gamers probably know what to expect from such a long established franchise, but there are tons of new elements to keep veteran racers on their toes as well.

In total, Mario Kart 8 hopes to support 32 tracks that  blend new ideas with retro favorites from previous games in the series.

Fresher experiences include Water Park and Mario Kart Stadium, while true Nintendo diehards will revel in revisiting redesigned classics like Cheep Cheep Beach, Toad’s Turnpike, and the infamous Rainbow Road.

Even older maps will sport current gameplay additions like vehicle transformations, speed boosters, and anti-gravity segments as a little added surprise.

As far as items are concerned, your favorite colored shells return with a few interesting newcomers. The boomerang and Piranha Plant weapons offer a greater chance for destruction when dealing with enemies up close.

Those that don’t like certain items will also be able to create custom matches that utilize the ones they prefer. This will come in handy with Mario Kart 8’s four-player local multiplayer, and twelve-player online races.

As for what Mario Kart 8 won’t support, the highly rumored track editor, two-character karts, and advanced gamepad support won’t be making an appearance.

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