The action continues to climb in Episode 2 of FX’s new thriller, The Strain. Multiple vignettes featuring different characters are lining up to collide now that the infamous box made it across the river. The most compelling interaction of the evening was between Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley) and Thomas Eichhorst (Richard Sammel).

In the most tense scene, Abraham is called from his jail cell to meet with his lawyer, but there’s just one problem- he has no lawyer. Instead of a lawyer he finds his old nemesis, Thomas, who, along with the rest of the Nazi party,  did his best to strip Abraham of his identity and dignity.

Thomas does his best to intimidate and torment Abe, going so far as to taunt Abe about failing to save a loved one from Thomas’s clutches. Not to worry, Abe has the mystery woman’s worm infested heart preserved in a jar back at his pawn shop. Perhaps this is why Abraham met Thomas’s threats with equal strength, revealing to Thomas that he’s killed Tom’s colleagues before and he’s prepared to do it again.

In fact, his silver sword is primed to take down the Master. Chances are, though, Abe won’t be able to take the Master down all on his own; after all, the Master did obliterate an officer’s head in the series premiere. Maybe he’ll get a little help from Gus Elizalde (Miguel Gomez). Gus is set to return a radio that his brother stole from Abe’s pawn shop.

Helping Abe may be Gus’s only chance of redemption, seeing as he is the one responsible for unwittingly transporting the Master from the airport to the an undisclosed location “across the river.” Sure, he didn’t know he was unleashing an ancient, head smashing evil on the world- all he knew was if he didn’t complete the task, his loved ones were at risk. Oh, the irony. Now everyone is at risk.

Intermittent glances at the four flight survivors imply Thomas’s plans are well under way. The Goth style rock star bites a woman during a sexual tryst and the airline pilot, who sought treatment at the hospital at the behest of Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll), is deteriorating in a location full of people to feast upon- not to mention the creepy little French girl who, by the way, was pronounced dead in Episode 1 but managed to return home to her grieving father.

The closing scene brought the signature gore that marks most horror shows and thrills Strain fans, compliments of the aforementioned French girl. A father crouches beside a chilled tub to help lift his hungry daughter from discomfort only to be devoured by a serpent like creature that gushed from his little angel’s lips. The closing scene featured his lifeless face floating on a tub full of his diluted blood.

The show also featured head of the CDC Canary Project, Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll), battling his demons- a failed marriage and alcoholism. Will he be up for fighting the demons that are infiltrating Manhattan? The fate of mankind may hang in the balance.

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