In episode 5 of ‘The Strain’ Ephraim describes the infected as butterflies and these monstrosities are infesting the suburbs, city, and  sewers. Eph shows his boss footage of Ansel’s horrifying transformation, yet his boss chooses to ignore the pressing need for a quarantine because Ephraim was caught on camera dragging Redfern’s (infected) body from the scene of the “crime.” Now Eph is a man on the run. Will his new fugitive status draw him closer  Abraham?

Viewers gain some insight into Abraham ‘s back story with sporadic flashbacks to his time in a Nazi death camp- even then, he was the only one capable of seeing the truth and planning for the unthinkable. Watching the master sweep through the prisoner’s barracks and feast on helpless prisoners helps viewers understand Abraham’s current conviction. A man who spent his youth surrounded by monsters will surely guard himself and the world against future bloodshed; after all, as Abe says, there is evil in inaction.

Vasilily, another man of action, ventures into the sewers to investigate the sudden spike of rat sightings,but he get gets a lot more than he bargained for. He narrowly escapes a hoard of the infected- thank goodness for shafts of sunlight in dark tunnels! He’s about the only character to escape the wrath of these blood-sucking “butterflies.” How will Vasiliy handle this harrowing experience; what’s  more, how will his superiors handle his claims if he reports the attack?

Ansel and Redfern are dead, but Bolivar and another infected survivor remain- not to mention The Master and Thomas Eichorst- is the infection too far-blown for Abraham and Eph to stop its spread?

What do you think is on the horizon for ‘The Strain’? How far do you think these evil butterflies will soar?