If Episode 6 of ‘The Strain’ taught viewers anything tonight, it is this- run like the wind when a knowledgeable loved one tells you to hightail it out of town because chances are something evil has taken root. Luckily for New Yorkers, Abram Setrakian has a plan.

Despite Ephraim Goodweather’s warnings, his family remained in New York during the foreboding eclipse. The man is an esteemed CDC agent- he built his identity around his ability to identify and combat dangerous disease, yet his estranged family doubts him. Ephraim isn’t alone.

After two years of no communication, Vasily Fet, too, went to warn his father to get out of the city. Maybe if he told his father that he just killed two very pale, violent, monstrosities by simply lifting the shades and exposing them to sunlight, dear old dad would be more inclined to heed Fet’s warning.

It seems when characters have their loved one’s best interests at heart, they leave out the most important details. Sure, Eph and Vasily may fear sounding ludicrous, but vague, ominous warnings do not spare their loved ones bloody havoc.

Eph also tried to talk sense to the FBI, but did the agents listen? Of course not. Instead, Eph has to bate them into a body hunt which ultimately led  the agents to their bloody ends. So why is it so hard to listen to those who know best? The only person who has any business standing his ground at this point in ‘The Strain’ is vampire hunter, Abraham Setrakian.

Lucky for the fine folk of Manhattan- Abe has a plan. Abe has a history with The Master and his terrifying lieutenant, Thomas Eichorst, so he’s battle tested. There’s just one problem…his health is deteriorating. During a hunt, Abe was nearly killed by a hive of vampires because of debilitating heart pains. Wily Abe, luckily, made it into shafts of sunlight before any harm befell him.

Can Abe, Eph, and Nora protect New York, or have The Master, Eichorst, and their infected minions grown too strong?

Feel free to share your thoughts and predictions in the comment section. ‘The Strain’ airs Sunday nights at 10:00 PM on FX. What do you think Episode 7 will bring?