FX ‘The Strain’: Rogue Vamps, the Master Delivers, Setrakian Remembers, and Eph Goes Viral

The season one penultimate episode of ‘The Strain’ finally delivered another glimpse of the much talked about rogue vampire crew. It’s been several weeks since the vampire slaying crew of vampires made an appearance and tonight it appeared just in time to save and abduct Gus. But what could they possibly want with the one man army? Certainly Gus is a survivor who took out his fair share of vamps, but why would the mysterious group abduct Gus and leave his armed fellow criminal behind?

More questions arise when the Master arrives and makes good on his promise to Eldritch Palmer. Palmer’s unyielding faith in the dark Master was repaid when the Master “saved”  the decrepit tycoon by dropping his ancient blood into Palmer’s thirsty throat. Without Palmer’s help, The Master would have struggled to subdue the U.S’s toughest city, New York. Perhaps the destroyer has a code, but what does that mean for Setrakian and his allies? Certainly Setrakian has lost all that he loves at the hands of The Master, but does this foreshadow Eph’s inevitable heartache?

Once again viewers are transported to the past as Setrakian watches Nora behead her infected mother. Setrakian is all too familiar with the pain of slaying loved ones. His enemies waste no time in turning his wife and two children while he wrestles his way out of a vampire trap. Could this foreshadow Zach’s eventual transition from beloved son to blood sucking vamp?

Eph already lost his wife and the Master promised him more misery during their encounter in the subway tunnels. Could Season 2 mimic the father-son arc of critically acclaimed ‘The Walking Dead’? The similarities between Zach and young Carl Grimes, after all, are not too difficult to spot. Could we see a tough vampire hunting Zach in ‘The Strain’s’ second season?

Eph, with the help of Dutch, warns the world of the strain that infects New York and possibly beyond. Dutch redeems herself by giving Eph a voice and the rest of the world a fighting chance against the vampire plague. But are their efforts enough to save the human race? She must be a threat. Why else would Eichorst infiltrate Setrakian’s lair?

Scenes for the season finale promise little closure. Thank goodness ‘The Strain’ has been renewed for a second season! What are your ‘The Strain’ season one finale predictions? You can share your insight and predictions in the comment section. The Strain airs Sundays at 10:00 PM ET/PT, only on FX.