According to CBS News 90% of all the people that are shot in the head will die, with 2 thirds of them not making it to the hospital.

The story is highly incredible although the future is still uncertain. According to Jennifer Ashton, a CBS News medical correspondent, Gabrielle Giffords was lucky because of the area where the bullet came in contact with the brain.

Ashton claims that the critical blood vessels of the brain were missed miraculously. In the event that the bullet would have entered through Gabrielle Giffords’ left side and exited the right side she would have died.

After Gabrielle Giffords was shot she was quickly taken to the Arizona University Medical Center. Decompressive craniotomy was performed and due to an incredible amount of luck she is now still alive.

The problem is that congresswoman Giffords might be faced with serious speaking problems in the future. This is because the left side of the brain was affected.