Galaxy S4 Cases Are Already Available

Galaxy S4 Cases Are Already Available

Now that the Galaxy S4 has been announced and accessory makers have an idea what it looks like, having seen demo videos etc., they’ve started doing their part and are gearing up to join the action as soon as the handset is launched.

CNET reports popular smartphone case makers including names like Otterbox,Speck and Cygnett have announced they’ll have new cases for the handset available as soon as it arrives on the shelves next month.

As the design of the upcoming handset is almost similar to Galaxy S3, there isn’t any noticeable variation in the new cases, and they look similar to the ones available for S3.

The cases offered by Speck’s will be priced at $34.95 and include CandyShell, SmartFlex View, CandyShell Grip and SmartFlex Card.

Those who’re interested in S4 will also have Samsung’s native cases available for S4, such as the new S View case.

Which case maker is your favorite?

Consumer Expert Adeel Qayum

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