Galaxy S4 May Feature ‘Floating Touch’

Galaxy S4 May Feature ‘Floating Touch’

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is likely to arrive in April.

With only two months to go, rumors about the features of the phone have started piling up.

The latest one, from DDaily Korean publication (via PA), suggests the Galaxy S4 will arrive with floating gesture controls.

This means consumers will be able to navigate without touching the screen.

The floating gestures may work like the floating touch of Xperia Sola… though a bit differently, allowing users to navigate while using the phone without touching the screen. A tap will be required when something has to be launched.

Floating gestures are also applicable on the camera. The Galaxy S3’s camera already understands voice commands, so the S4 may feature a camera that understands gestures. For example, automatic snaps when there’s a smiling face.

The rumors indicate Samsung may introduce technology that has never been seen before.

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