Galaxy S4 To Be Revealed At 7pm, Will Benefit From A Lack Of Competition

Galaxy S4 To Be Revealed At 7pm, Will Benefit From A Lack Of Competition

There’s a lot of excitement today, especially for smartphone enthusiasts.

The Galaxy S4 will be unveiled today at New York Times Square at 7pm EST. A lot of analysts are making predictions on how it’s going to perform.

Shinhan Investment Corp.’s YoungChain Kim says the handset is going to improve the part division business of the Korean Company. He projects the profit to grow by 24.5% every year.

YoungChain also expects initial sales about 8 million, while annual sales are expected to be 70 million. The Galaxy S3 was 6 million initially, while the annual sales were 75% less.

The reason why Galaxy S4 is going be a huge hit is because the absence of competition. The iPhone 5S is expected for Q3, so Galaxy S4 has a clear ground.

Shawn Kim from Morgan Stanley expects the handset to be deployed in 200 countries around the globe on around 400 carriers.

The Galaxy S4 relies on AMOLED, processors and memory parts, a business which Samsung has 85% stake in.

Are you excited about the Galaxy S4?

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