Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus: Preordering No Show?

The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus went into ‘preorder’ mode today, according to Samsung and news sites across the net. But you wouldn’t know it by browsing the sites of stores where it’s said to be available. It’s a no-show.

The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is a new version of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 – the ‘7.0’ referring to its 7 inch touchscreen. The original version came out in November of 2010, and was available through T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, U.S. Cellular and Verizon. In April of this year, it became available in a wi-fi version. The new Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is available just as wif-fi at this point.

The Plus version has several new features, one of the most prominent is built-in infrared capabilities which work with the Peel app to manage TV/HDTV and home theater systems. “The Peel integration on the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus goes beyond the Peel application available for download today by no longer requiring additional hardware or cables for TV control functionality. Peel allows users to control any home entertainment system regardless of manufacturer,” Samsung said in announcement.

It also features an upgrade to Android 3.2, a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, a 3MP camera, and a 4000mAh battery. The 16GB version is expected to sale for $399.

According to Samsung, the tablet is available today for preordering through “select partners”, and will hit store shelves on November 13th, at Best Buy, Amazon, Tiger Direct, Fry’s and others.

But here’s the rub – none of the stores listed above have the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus available for preordering through their sites. Even lists it as unavailable online… and the search function for physical stores finds no results as well.

Could the release of another 7 inch tablet a few weeks ago, the Amazon Kindle Fire, at a price of $199, have scared the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus away?

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