Game of Thrones Is Back… & No One Is Safe

Game of Thrones Is Back… & No One Is Safe

Game of Thrones roared back onto HBO last night for the first episode of its highly anticipated fourth season.

Fans around the globe tuned in for the critically acclaimed TV-epic which garnered 5.5 million viewers for its season 3 finale.

The show, which follows several distinct and interweaving story-lines in the fictional land of Westeros, is renowned for its unpredictable nature, where viewers are constantly unsettled knowing that no character is too important to be killed – exemplified by the shocking departure of Sean Bean’s Ned Stark, or the infamous Red Wedding episode in season 3.

It will be no surprise if the ratings for this season do not set new standards for the show as the first outing, named Two Swords, did not disappoint.

The oddball friendship of Arya Stark and the Hound is blossoming; the man everyone hates to love, Jamie Lannister, is adapting to a hand-less life; resident heartthrob Jon Snow is growing up; and the world behind the wall is getting restless.

Add to all this, the usual smattering of blood, sex, and scheming, and HBO have all the makings of one of the best seasons yet.

Winter is coming. And everyone should be very excited.

What did you think about the first episode?

Will the ratings beat last seasons?