Game Of Thrones S6 E2: “Home” Review

After watching Game Of Thrones: Home, I’ve been trying to figure out who the boy in the first scene is.

I pride myself as a die-hard GOT fan, but I failed. Could that be Bran Stark? And was Hodor speaking in Bran’s visions? Oh yay, the lost have been found!

The tensions have reached boiling point at Castle Black and the Wildings have crashed the party. Poor Allister Thorne was only Lord Commander for a few seconds.

Did anyone else feel like that guy who was bragging about pleasing the Queen got what he deserved? Cersei is not our favorite character, but enough is enough!

The King finally decided  to see his mother, whom he hadn’t seen since her imprisonment. The episode should have been named Joys Of Motherwood.

After Tyrion shows off his knowledge of dragons, he pays them a visit to free them of captivity and gives them a pep talk while he was at it.

Round two of Arya Stark’s fight was less painful to watch. She is strong though, I have to give her credit for that. I say this because after being beaten, hungry and blind, if the faceless asked me what my name was, I would give them my full name, my fathers name, and my great-grandfather’s name as well. Good thing she stuck to her guns. That girl is not a beggar anymore!!

I have to admit, I felt a bit teary when Theon Greyjoy bade his farewell. Sansa’s escape renders Ramsay Bolton useless and the news of a new heir enrages him to the point of killing his beloved father. And just when I thought he couldn’t go any lower, Ramsay clears his way to the throne by setting the hounds on his baby-brother and Lady Walda.

Oh, and Mellisandre resurrected Jon Snow.


Tyrion:    I’m friends with your mother. I’m here to help. Don’t eat the help.

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