Get a Hoverboard At Best Buy

Best Buy will soon begin carrying hoverboards in its stores for the first time, the retail chain announced Thursday.

The stores will carry the Swagtron hoverboard brand, including the T1 and T3 models. They will hit store shelves this month, with preorders open now at

In case you’re concerned about those reports of hoverboards catching on fire, the Swagtron products apply the government’s mandated UL 2272 safety certification.

Hoverboards, the Back to the Future-derived nickname for self-balancing scooters, began arriving on the U.S. market last year, after debuting in China the year before. They have been made by multiple manufacturers, but after questions about safety the government began requiring safety certification.

Best Buy is also selling accessories, most of which is safety gear- helmets, wrist guards and knee and elbow pads.

The T1 and T3 have listed prices of $399 and $499.

What do you think? Will you be ordering a hoverboard from Best Buy?

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