Gift Return Policies From Walmart, Target, Amazon & More Revealed

Gift Return Policies From Walmart, Target, Amazon & More Revealed

After Christmas gift return and exchange policies have been changed and updated at some major retailers this year.

For example, Best Buy has extended the time frame in which their Christmas return and exchange policies apply.

Last year, Best Buy’s holiday return policies applied to purchases made from Nov 4 to Dec 24.

This year the time-frame includes after-Christmas purchases. Purchases from Nov 3 to Dec 31 qualify.

In general, Best Buy’s holiday return policy is that they accept returns of qualifying items purchased between those dates until Jan 15.

Best Buy does require the original receipt, gift receipt or packing slip on all returns, and a valid photo id. Items purchased online can be returned to a physical store – unless the purchase was made from a marketplace seller. Here are Best Buy’s gift return policies.

Amazon’s gift return policies are pretty much the same as last year, though the process has changed somewhat.

Items purchased as gifts that were shipped between Nov 1 and Dec 31 qualify for their holiday returns policy.

Basically, the policy is that they accept returns of qualifying items until Jan 31. They do require either the id number of the original order. However, if that is not available, they say that the receiver can contact them with information about the gift seller and they will try to identify the order number for them. They also note that the fact that the item is being returned will not be divulged to the giver.¬†Amazon’s gift return policies.

Target’s gift exchange policies are a bit complex. Overall, it appears that they are pretty generous.

Many items can be exchanged within a 90 day time period, however, some items (electronics are noted) have a 30 day time period. They say they will “try” to process returns for any item purchased from Target with a receipt, gift receipt, packing slip, or by using a valid photo ID.

In many cases it appears that refunds are provided in store credit, but cash refunds are available in some instances. Target’s gift refund terms and conditions.

Walmart return policies also appear generous.

Items can be returned within a 90 day window from time of purchase. There are exceptions, primarily electronics, which have a 30 day window.

Like Target, in most cases refunds are provided as in store credit. However, with a receipt, cash refunds are also possible (other guidelines apply).¬†Full details on Walmart’s gift return and exchange policies.

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