Fans eagerly awaiting the release of Warner Brother’s/Legendary Picture’s Godzilla were given a real treat as the 2nd full trailer was finally released, along with the 1st  full length picture of Godzilla .

The  trailer is brand-new, never seen before footage!!!

Godzilla is being directed by Gareth Edwards and stars among others Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame.  The film costs over $160 million to make.

This 2nd trailer is the 1st new footage since last year and also includes Godzilla’s roar for the 1st time.

The new poster shows Godzilla towering over the ruins of a city, giving a glimpse of what is to come and of the beast himself.

The trailer runs 2:32 and is action packed.

It shows various monuments, such as The Statue of Liberty,being destroyed and shows most of the cast trying to find their way to safety as Godzilla lurks.

Although it doesn’t give everything away: they were very strategic in showing Godzilla, so you never get a full view of him.

 Godzilla is set to hit theaters May 16th.