GoGo is having a buy-one/get-one-free sale on inflight internet access – just in time for holiday travel.

Unfortunately, the sale is rather limited.

For $28, those needing day long internet access on domestic and/or international Delta flights can buy one Delta Global Day Pass and get one free.

The deal is only being extended to Delta Airlines right now, and only applies to the Delta Global Day Pass, according to Gogo customer service.

The passes would have to be ordered ahead of time to get the deal. Gogo’s best prices are on pre-paid passes. Once a traveler is on a flight, prices jump way up. The price of a single Delta Global Day Pass bought while on board a flight is $60.

All day internet access passes for domestic flights that are not tied to a specific airline cost $16. So for those flying on Delta domestic flights that need two one-day passes, getting this buy-one/get-one-free Delta Global Day Pass deal would save $4 over Gogo’s regular pre-paid pricing on domestic flights.

Gogo also offers prepaid one-hour inflight internet passes for $5, and prepaid  all-day smartphone passes for $8.

Smartphone passes provide data connections for smartphones and iPod touches only. It is not possible to tether or provide a hotspot for other devices to connect to.

For those of you that haven’t used Gogo internet passes before, the internet access is turned on when the flight is higher than 10,000 feet. The connection, in my experience, tends to be rather thin. While great for answering email and doing some light surfing, hitting Netflix or Amazon Video for streaming entertainment is likely to lead to frustration.

The Gogo sale ends February 29, 2016.

Flying over the Christmas holiday?

Have you used Gogo before, and will you be getting in on this Gogo deal?

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