Google has just announced that the new Google Adwords URLs are going to look different in the future. We will thus notice that the domain portion of all ads is going to be shown in lowercase letters. This is done in order to increase click through rates.

According to Kisa Shieh of Google AdWords, every month the company tries to experiment with different variations in page search results. This includes testing colors, spacing, layouts and fonts, together with different variables.

Shieh stated that if the company will standardize URL looks they will end up with an improvement in user metrics. This obviously includes click through rates on ads. She also added that Google is constantly recommending for people to test campaigns in order to obtain the best possible results.

The good news is that advertisers do not have to edit their ads. All the uppercase letters that are shown in URL domains are going to be changed by the Google AdWords program into lowercase as soon as the changes are implemented.

Google will also introduce a brand new way for advertisers to manage lists of negative keywords as soon as possible.