Google is having a holiday special all of their own! And if you are ready to market your own site or do some internet advertising, this will be of special interest to you.

Be one of the first one million new businesses that sign up for AdWords before December 31, 2010, and Google will match the first $100 that you put into Google AdWords. This gives you $200 worth of ads for $100.

For those of you unfamiliar with Google AdWords, those are the ads you see along the right hand side of a Google search page after you search for something. The ads also show up on many websites, like ours (see above ads).

While Google displays text links along the left side of their search results pages, you can set your own AdWords account to show text links or image ads on websites that participate in Google’s AdSense program (AdWords is the program you sign up with to show your ads, AdSense is the program webmasters sign up for that shows ads on their webpages). The webmasters can also elect to show either text and image ads, or just one or the other.

With AdWords, your ads are actually shown for free, and you only pay if someone clicks on them to visit your website. The order that ads are show in, and how frequently they are shown, is determined by how much you bid to pay for a click thru.

To encourage quality and the accuracy of the words you bid on, Google also has a quality score that each ad receives, and that can affect your ranking as well.

Google’s Holiday Special with the $100 in matching funds is available to businesses in the US and Canada. It’s only for qualifying new AdWords customers that sign up at