Google Chrome Tops 20% Market Share For June 2011

Google Chrome has hit 20 percent market share, according to StatCounter. Net Applications has Chrome as hitting 13 percent. Chrome is growing faster than both IE (Internet Explorer) and Firefox.

The two top browser researcher disagree on how much market share Chrome has worldwide. StatCounter said Google claimed 20.7 percent browser share for June, up from only 2.8 percent a year ago. Net Applications claimed Chrome is at 13.1 percent, up from 12.5 percent through May.

StatCounter said Firefox is next in line to be passed by Chrome at 28.3 percent, with IE at 43.6 percent. On the lower end of the scale, Safari is at 5 percent, with Opera claiming a mere 1.7 percent through the month.

Net Applications meanwhile has IE at 53.7 percent, Firefox at 21.7 percent, Safari at 7.5 percent and Opera at the same 1.7 percent.

Google Chrome officials own lips at Google I/O in May, told eWEEK that Chrome had gained more than 160 million users, up from their 120 million users in December. If that trend holds true, Chrome should break the 200 million mark sometime in October.

Royal Pingdom did the math based on StatCounter‘s statistics, and believes that Chrome will most likely pass Firefox this upcoming November and IE by June 2012.

Assuming that Chrome continues to gain popularity at its average growth rate over the past six months (it originally took Chrome only two years to hit 10 percent share), Chrome could even hit 50 percent share by November 2012, Royal Pingdom claims.

“Shares of Google, which closed Thursday at $506.38, were recently up 0.2% in premarket trade,” according to The Wall Street Journal. “The stock is down 15% since the start of the year.”

“Google, long dominant in the Internet-search engine market, originally built Chrome in part because of concerns that existing browsers would fail to support its Web services or steer users away from its search engine.”

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