Google is once again honoring a historic icon as it’s doodle celebrates the life and achievements of Rosa Parks.

It was fifty-five years ago that Parks refused to give up her seat on an Alabama bus to a white passenger. Parks was arrested and brought national attention to the south’s segregationist laws.

Following Parks’ arrest was the Montgomery Bus Boycott which sparked a turn in the civil rights movement in the south. Soon a new figure would emerge to fight for freedom. Martin Luther King, Jr was soon at the forefront of the civil rights movement and a leader against inequality.

Parks would continue to be an activist until she passed away in 2005.

The Google doodle honoring Parks features several children of different races running around a school bus. When viewers click on the doodle they will be taken to a page of search results related to Parks.

Google often uses their doodle to honor holidays, events and special people.