Google Glass Contest – Win… & You Can Pay $1500!

Google Glass is the prize in a Google sponsored contest with a twist.

The twist? You don’t actually win Google Glass – you win the ability to pre-order one.

Price? $1500.

Let’s back up a bit here:

Google introduced their Glass Explorer program last year, which gave an opportunity to Google I/O attendees (developers mostly) to pre-order Google Glass for $1500.

The Google Glass is a glasses like, augmented reality, head-mounted, display unit that Google is in the process of developing.

The contest appears to be a way to expand the pool of Google Glass testers – but in a very controlled manner.

To enter the contest, participants submit a 50-word application on Twitter or Google Plus saying what they would do with a Glass.

The minimum age requirement to enter for a chance to buy Google Glass is 18. The opportunity is only available to residents, or creative individuals, according to Google, of United States.

Individuals interested in the Explorer program can visit Google’s Glass page for more details.

Google does say in their FAQ that contest winners don’t actually have to pre-order the Glass, but it’s unclear if there is any benefit to winning if one doesn’t.

Up to 5 photos and a maximum 15-second video can be included in the contest submission.

Google also released a new video showing the user interface of the futuristic headset earlier today. It’s below.

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