Google Glass is currently being tested and so far the reviews are mixed according to The Associated Press.

Glass is not available to the public, but for $1500 you can apply to be a tester, or as Google calls them, “explorers”.

Google Glass consists of a one sided headband with internet connected eye wear attached (see photo).

They are expected to pave the way for other types of “wearable” technology, but some design and privacy issues need to be addressed first.

To some testers the Glass felt bulky and unnatural.  It also is quite delicate, making its durability questionable.

As for privacy concerns, there are many. For those of you unfamiliar with this product the eye wear has a tiny computer screen relaying information to you: its basically a smartphone you wear like glasses.

This makes it possible for someone  to photograph or video tape you without your knowledge.  There is a light to indicate the camera is on, but many people are unaware.

This has raised questions such as: should Glass be permitted in movie theaters (piracy), or near schools?  Some businesses in Silicon Valley have already banned the device to protect their patrons privacy.

Google is currently working on these concerns.  They are educating people about proper Glass etiquette and have been vigilant about what videos it publishes from those currently wearing them.

We will keep you posted as this story develops.  Tell us what you think below.