Google Play Store Update Rolling Out Now

Google Play Store Update Rolling Out Now

Google Play Store’s new update has started rolling out.

There are some minor changes to the layout, but the major change comes in the form of a new design in the button for Apps, Games, Books etc.

The latest update improves the visual elements of the Play Store’s new design, which Google released last month.

The top of the interface has different buttons, and the update brings new colors and fading at the end of the button.

The design is more appealing and inviting when compared to the previous one.

Wishlists that appear on Android devices have also been updated. The ‘w’ has gone from capital to a lower case one on tablets, and the items added to the wishlist now appear in a card index layout.

On phones, it’s the same in appearance, but the wishlist items appear in card style.

The functionality has also seen some minor changes. The ‘update all’ feature is compatible with apps asking for new permissions, and users also be asked to allow permissions when updating.

Those using mobile data connections will receive a warning if they’re using mobile data connection for download.

Did you get the Play Store update? What do you think of it?

Consumer Expert Adeel Qayum

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