Google PowerMeter – Using Wi-Fi To Track Home Electricity

Google PowerMeter steps up as a very interesting web application. It is now capable of tracking home electricity from any smartphone or personal computer with the use of a broadband connection and Wi-Fi.

A deal should be announced in the following days to officially announce the connection between Blue Line Innovations and Google PowerMeter through PowerCost Monitor. This will allow a person to link a special Wi-Fi Gateway that is sold by the company with the web application by Google in order to track home electricity. Users will also be able to create a budget and even predict costs.

We will have to wait a while and see if this combination will be successful, but we do expect to see a lot of success for those that really like control. Due to the monitor that is going to be installed an average person can save up to 15% on energy bills and this cannot be taken lightly.

If you are thinking about using this solution you should know that the kit costs around $100 and you will get a special sensor that is to be used with any electricity meter. The sensor will be used to read stats and then you can see them all on smartphones or PCs. Wi-Fi Gateway costs an extra $130 and will allow usage information to be sent to Google. This is what will show online data.

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