According to several industry sources, Google, in an effort to keep pace with Amazon and Apple, will unveil Android TV at today’s developer conference.

Rumors of Android TV first started back in April, and although there is no mention of any TV development being on today’s I/O session schedule, it appears it will be the main topic of conversation.

Google is hoping to grab a sizable share of the digital content market from Apple TV and Amazon Fire, among others, with the release of their set-top box.

Reports from multiple sources, including the Wall Street Journal and CNET confirm that a set-top TV box will be unveiled, although it is not clear who will be manufacturing the boxes.

The device will carry the name of the manufacturer, but will be powered by Google’s Android TV software.

The Android TV devices are expected to offer users a complete media experience from all the top services, including Spotify, Netflix, Pandora and Google’s Play Suite, but gaming will be the central focus.

Users will be able to use their current Android devices (smartphones and tablets) to control the set-top box.

A key selling feature will be that Game developers will have the luxury of using the Cloud for storage, which means you can start playing on one device, like your tablet, save your progress, and finish at home on your TV.

Thanks to an early update of the Riptide GP2 Game, we know that Android TV games will be available immediately.  Check out the picture below.

Consumer Press will update you later today to let you know the latest developments.

What do you think of Android TV?  Do you think the market needs another device like this?  Share your thoughts with us below on this subject.

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