Gotham: The Anvil Or The Hammer

In tonight’s Gotham, Gordon and Bullock zero in on the Ogre as he does his best to break down Barbara mentally. Meanwhile, Bruce confronts Bunderslaw, Fish Mooney returns to Gotham, and Eddie tries to get rid of the murder evidence.

Spoilers ahead!

The hunt for the Ogre comes to an end as Jim and Bullock finally find him, but not before he briefly brainwashes Barbara into letting him kill her parents. This whole plot is so bizarre and irrelevant to most events in the show. Barbara choosing her parents was also bizarre, as we don’t really know much of their relationship beyond some strain. It feels badly established and out of the blue.

The most entertaining part of the plot is Bullock, who has a humorous scene when undercover at a sleazy club and manages to be the one who kill the Ogre.

Bruce’s plot continues to advance as he finally meets Bunderslaw and has an honest conversation with him. He struggles with the fact that his father may not be an honest man. His strong morals are shown as he confesses to Alfred about Reggie’s murder. Despite starting out as one of the weakest links, Bruce subplot has been one of the more compelling stories. The Lucius Fox cameo was also neat, particularly if he becomes prominent in season two.

After receiving some motivation from Maroni last week, Penguin pits his rival against Falcone in the hopes the two will take each other out. Penguin’s scheming has been sorely missed, and despite not taking as much screentime, it is the driving force behind the season finale. The gang war feels a bit overdue, but it is a more fitting place to close the season from than the Ogre.

After last week’s basic murder, Eddie shows some of his classic Riddler flair through his fake letter to Ms. Kringle. This is more true to his character, and hopefully there’s more of this on the next season.

“The Anvil of the Hammer” finally ends a tedious, pointless storyline just in time for the season finale, which will feature a full-blown gang war. This conflict could’ve been better set up, but at this point, it points to a promising season finale.

What did you think of this episode? Who will come out the victor in the upcoming gang war?

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