The Netflix train just won’t stop rolling through.

Before the Batman prequel show, “Gotham”, has even begun to air on Fox, digital streaming service Netflix (NFLX) has made a deal with Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution. Subscribers will be able to stream every episode of the season, once the season finale has rolled through on the broadcasting television network.

With the pilot phase skipped by Fox, it is clear that network executives are optimistic in the show’s success. Netflix is equally wizened to the foreseen ratings.

No sources have declared the amount of money behind this deal yet, but it is projected to be on the higher side of close to $2 millions dollars per episode.

The show will focus on Detective James Gordon, who would rise among the Gotham city police force and become commissioner. His relationship with young Bruce Wayne will also be developed, as he swears to find the murderer of the boy’s parents. Iconic villains will also be given glimpses into their origin stories, such as Catwoman, The Riddler, and Penguin.

The series, premiering on the Fox Network, airs its first episode September 22nd.

Is Netflix being too aggressive? Are they catering to their viewership wisely? As always, let us know, in the comments below.