Gotham: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon!

James Gordon officially gets his job back in this week’s Gotham, and just in time to solve the murder of a witness in another homicide case.

Gordon’s new, reckless behavior is in the spotlight as he continues to challenge his superiors and other corrupt cops in order to bring down Detective Arnold Flass, a corrupt man that conspires even with Commissioner Loeb. Gordon is forced to work with Penguin to help with his face. Penguin, meanwhile, deals with his recent success as it goes over his head and takes over Fish Mooney’s former club.

This episode does not have any major revelations or events as the last few, but it is the most solid one yet. Gordon is pushed to desperate measures to put Flass away, and this time, the police department ends up supporting him in the end. Flass’s arrest is satisfying, as it starts to show Gordon’s persistence in fighting corruption actually paying off. Though his carelessness is a bit frustrating to see at times, he manages to be successful.

Penguin’s depiction as both an arrogant mastermind and a sniveling coward is shown in full force, as Fish Mooney tries to claim her place at the club. Her departure from Gotham City should be interesting to see as the focus on the crime family conflict is placed solely on Falcone and Maroni, though the whole torture scene was somewhat of a waste.

It was nice to see young Bruce again after his absence, but having his heart broke by Selina felt like a pointless event just to get him to focus on solving his parents’ murder. The subplot with Eddie also felt a bit pointless since it only led to his love interest being slightly nice to him, and it covers previous ground on his characterization.

“Welcome Back Jim Gordon” brings satisfying progress to Gordon’s quest to cleanse the police department. While the pacing is slow on the first half and it is full of unnecessary, wasted plots, it does pick up in the end, and the ending places Gordon in an interesting position.

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