Great Cheap & Homemade Costume Ideas

Great Cheap & Homemade Costume Ideas

Purchasing a costume for Halloween, a theme party or a holiday can be an expensive hassle.

If you are looking for a ways to avoid spending too much cash on a costume, consider making one yourself. Below is a list of fun, budget-friendly Halloween costume ideas for kids and adults that you can make at home or buy for cheap!

Box Costumes
If you have large electronics or appliance boxes, consider cutting holes in them for your arms and head. You can paint and decorate the box to turn it into a robot, computer, iPhone, Lego, die, box of wine, Jack-in-the-Box mascot or Rubik’s cube. Also consider costumes that you can use smaller boxes or cardboard pieces for. If you don’t have the size or shape box you need at home, you can purchase inexpensive boxes from moving supply stores.

If you have an old set of sheets, consider turning them into a Halloween costume! The ghost costume is a classic, but you can also get more creative. Consider dying your sheet with inexpensive fabric dye and turning it into a hooded cape, a toga outfit or the Statue of Liberty. If you don’t have any old sheets, buy some at your local thrift store.

Standard balloons can make really fun costumes! You could purchase a purple shirt or turtleneck, pin purple balloons to it and go as a bunch of grapes. You could also blow up multicolored balloons, place them in a clear garbage bag, tape them to your torso and go as a bubble gum machine. (You would just need to create a red base made out of a cardboard cutout.)

Thrift Store Finds
Thrift stores are a great place to find inspiration for homemade Halloween costumes. Look for things like a polyester shirt or suit from the 70’s, an over-the-top-sequin dress, a bad prom dress, super-bright clothing or shoes or a Hawaiian Mumu. All of these pieces can be embellished and combined with other items you have around the house to create a one-of-a-kind costume.

A Rock Star or Musician
There are so many things you can do to look like a rock star or musician. You can purchase a cheap wig from a costume store, apply garish makeup and glitter, find a fun and crazy outfit from a thrift store and go as a music diva. Or you could put on an old pair of ripped jeans, a black t-shirt, a long wig and a bandana and go as a rock star.

No-Sew Tulle Costumes
Tulle can be wrapped, draped, tied and bunched together to create a variety of no-sew costumes. You could create a voluminous ghost costume; bunch together and safety pin to a dress or shirt, and go as a loofah sponge or tie strips to satin ribbon to create a tutu for a ballerina costume.

The more sewing abilities and arts and craft tools you have, the more detailed you can make your homemade costume. For added fun, get together with a group of friends and have a costume-making party!