index-165x165Last night, as promised, Isaiah Washington reprised his role of Dr. Burke and reunited with former flame Dr. Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) on Grey’s Anatomy.

There were other story arcs during the episode, mainly Jackson and April recommitting to each other and Derrick telling his sister to stay in Seattle.

However, the episode focused mostly on Yang and Burke: but it wasn’t the happily-ever-after reunion many fans were hoping for in preparation of Sandra Oh’s departure next week.

Although the chemistry between the two was as potent and combative as ever, a romantic reunion is not in the works.

Burke and Christina came face-to-face while Christina was giving a lecture at a medical conference in Zurich.

Burke admitted he’s followed her and her career and tells her she should stay in Zurich. Christina mistakenly thinks he wants her to work for him, and maybe even get back together.

Then, in typical Burke fashion, he tells Christina that’s not it at all: he’s married to “someone who supports me”.

He tries to explain that he said that wrong but its too late, as his words remind Christina’s that her drive to be a success is a recurring problem in her personal life.

They argue and Burke admits that working with Christina would destroy his marriage and that instead he wants her to take over his institute so he can leave to have a family.

This leaves Christina with quite a dilemma: if she says yes she will be near Burke, which will torture her, but this is the opportunity she’s been waiting for.

The  big question now is: what will Christina do? (Since Oh is leaving I’m guessing she’s going to stay in Zurich).

The season finale and Sandra Oh’s last scenes air next week at 9 P.M. (EST) on ABC.

What do you think will happen?  What do you want to see?  Leave your comments below and share your thoughts.