Grey’s fans are prepared to say good-bye to Sandra Oh (Christina) during next weeks season 10 finale but after last night’s episode they might have to say so long to Derek and Meredith too.

During last night’s episode, “Everything I Do, Nothing Seem To Turn Out Right” Derek (Patrick Dempsey) returned from his trip to Washington to tell Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that the president offered him a job and there’s one for her too.

Although Meredith didn’t seem thrilled, Derek was and wants them to make this move.  Could this really be the end of Derek and Meredith at Seattle Grace?

Meanwhile, Christina decided to take Burke’s job offer, setting up her exit.  Contrary to last weeks coming attractions Owen (Kevin McKidd) didn’t propose to Christina or ask her to say; he knows its time for her to move on.

In one of the most tender moment ever between them he gave her a classic Owen kiss and asked her: “just…until you go…don’t leave me until you’re leaving me…just until you go”.  

Needles to say, their final scenes are probably gong to require a whole box of tissues.

The nights other major story line was about Bailey, who cured Bubble Boy Braden without his parents consent. The parents were all set to file assault and battery charges against Bailey, until Stephanie stepped in and took the blame.  The parents agreed to a 1 week suspension for Stephanie and Bailey’s job was saved.

Elsewhere: Callie (Sara Ramirez) was devastated to learn she can never have kids as a result of the car accident.  Alex (Justin Chambers) showed up trying to get patients to impress his new boss and resident Leah was told she’s not meant to be a surgeon and should go into the field of research instead.

Next weeks final episode, Fear (Of The Unknown),has the cast, and fans, saying an emotional goodbye to Christina, Meredith making a life-changing decision and and act of terrorism jeopardizing the hospital.

The season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy’ airs next Thursday. May 15 at 9 P.M. (EST) on ABC.

Check out the promo below for a sneak peak.