Chia SeedThose already familiar with chia seeds and fans of its healthy benefits will be pleased to know ground chia seeds are now available through Spectrum Organic Products. The finely ground, cold milled powder comes in a resealable 10 ounce bag making it easy to use and store for refrigeration. Spectrum’s ground seeds contain no preservatives and are gluten-free. The powder is ready to use straight out of the bag.

So what is chia? Chia seeds come from the chia plant, a flowering member of the mint family. The plant is native to parts of Guatemala and Mexico and was an important part of the Aztec diet. The seeds are small, approximately 1mm, and form a sort of gel paste when wet. They’re an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids containing 150% of the USDA’s recommended daily allowance. Chia seeds are also a healthy source of fiber and a wonderful source of complete protein for vegetarians. Some other nutrients found in chia are iron, magnesium, calcium, Omega 6 fatty acid, and antioxidants.

Dieters love chia for its low-calorie ability to make one feel full longer and it can also aid in regulating blood sugar levels since it slows the breakdown of carbohydrates in the stomach. Much like flax seed, it has a mild, slightly nutty flavor that can be added to an assortment of food or drinks. Whether in seed or powder form, it can be added to smoothies, sprinkled on salads, mixed with yogurt, or layered into sandwich toppings. It can also be mixed with water to create a binding agent for baking and creates a low-fat substitute for eggs. Other uses include adding it to stews, casseroles and even stir-fry dishes.

Chia seed provides numerous nutritious benefits and its options for food pairings are endless. By offering it in ground powder form, Spectrum Essentials has supplied a convenient option that will enable consumers another way to enjoy their chia seed and reap its benefits more quickly.